The Iconic Roland TR-808

The Roland TR-808 drum machine When I heard about this I just had to write about it. This takes me back to the 80's, when my love of electronic music first began.  The Roland TR-808 was one of the first drum machines that pioneered the sound of early dance music. Way

A Virtual drum kit

Drumming just got geeked. I just found this awesome new product by a company called Freedrum. It is basically a set of Bluetooth dongles that you attach to you drum sticks and connect them to your smartphone, or any MIDI music instrument. Then as you play your invisible drum set, the

Do we like electric cars yet?

The best electric car you can buy Do we like electric cars yet?  I personally am still not convinced that the low distance is something I could live with.  Although the companies who are developing the next generation of electric car are certainly putting more efforts into the looks and design

Are flat tires a thing of the past?

Innovative new bicycle tires that never get a flat. For those of you who actually like to get outside and breath in fresh air while cycling, (don't understand that concept myself) but if that's you, then you can now do it without the fear of getting a flat. A North American company

Nintendo Nostalgia

Nintendo NES classic gaming nostalgia Good news for all the Classic Nintendo gamers, (Ah the good old days). Nintendo are about to release the NES Classic, a mini version of the old NES game console. The retail price is $60 and 30 titles will also be available to play And for the

VR will give you a front row seat at Gaming Awards

The Gaming Awards will broadcast live VR stream. That's right, the Gaming Awards which take place on December 1st in Los Angeles will be one of the widest distributed digital events in history. The event, that celebrates the best in video games for 2016 have partnered with NextVR, the leading virtual reality